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Red Roses or Red Eyes? Which do you prefer on Valentine’s Day?

Have you ever had red eyes? Isn’t it fun when everybody asks you about your eyes!!! The truth is, there are many causes of red eyes, and most of them feel and look the same. So how do you know the cause? Come to Johnson Optometric and find out…

Dry Eyes – There are a variety of factors which contribute to dry eye: medications, work environment, climate, systemic diseases, and contact lens wear. Many times a custom treatment is needed to provide relief.

Allergic – We have many patients suffering from seasonal allergies. The main symptom is typically itching. Fear not, we have some GREAT prescription drops available to relieve your symptoms.

Bacterial infection – Because this type of infection is commonly caused by poor hygiene, bacterial infections are more common in kids or parents of small children. These infections are frustrating for patients because of the “goopy” discharge that usually accompanies them. Antibioticdrops help your body fight this type of infection.

Viral infection – This takes up a HUGE “slice of the pie”. There are tons of viruses out there and many of them cause pain and are easily spread. The dreaded “Pink Eye” is included in this category. Also, anyone remember a certain Winter Olympics news anchor that suffered from a nasty eye infection? He should have come to Johnson Optometric…

Inflammatory – You may have heard that an eye exam can reveal problems with other parts of the body and you are correct. Uveitis is a condition that can occur because of an underlying systemic disorder such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Thyroid disease, and many more… Symptoms of inflammatory disorders usually involve deep, throbbing eye pain. OUCH!!!

Contact Lens Over­ Wear – This category can almost be eliminated if people would wear their contact lenses as prescribed. Ironically, part of the treatment plan is discontinuing the contact lenses for a while. You may also need a prescription eye drop. Ask your eye doctor about Daily Disposable contact lenses and see those infection rates decrease dramatically.

If you are currently suffering from red eye this Valentine’s season..make sure you come see us at Johnson Optometric!

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