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Save Your Sight Month – External Hazards

In this second installment of Johnson Optometric’s Save Your Sight Month series, we turn our attention to common external eye hazards. By taking some simple precautions in your everyday routine, you can prevent eye injury and keep your eyes healthy as you age.

Save Your Sight Tip #1 – Wear quality sunglasses with Ultraviolet (UV) protection to prevent eye disease.

Most people know that UV radiation can harm your skin, but did you know it’s just as dangerous to your eyes? Long-term exposure can lead to conditions like cataracts or macular degeneration. Damage can occur any time during the year, even on cloudy days. So keep those sunglasses handy no matter what the weather report says.

Save Your Sight Tip #2 – Choose polarized lenses to prevent impaired vision.

Glare-induced “blindness” often contributes to car accidents. Polarized lenses use filtering technology to eliminate nearly all reflected glare. Glare from snow, sidewalks, cars and other reflective surfaces can also increase the impact of UV radiation. Consider sunglasses with polarized lenses and UV protection. Avoid both eye hazards with style.

Save Your Sight Tip #3 – Use protective sports eyewear to prevent eye injury.

Prescription eyeglasses are not the same as protective eyewear. Neither are sunglasses. Lenses in sports eyewear are usually made of polycarbonate. This impact-resistant material works well to protect eyes from fast-moving objects. Visit your local sporting goods store to learn more about the most appropriate type of protective eyewear and ensure proper fit. This is especially important for kids.

Save Your Sight Tip #4 – Put on safety goggles for household projects to prevent eye injury.

According to a recent survey by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, more than 40 percent of eye injuries at home involved repairs, yard work, cleaning and cooking. Consider the risk of flying debris, projectiles or sharp objects that could injure the eye. Invest in safety goggles and err on the side of caution. Don’t end up in the emergency room for something you could easily prevent.

Save Your Sight Tip #5 – Take regular computer breaks to prevent eyestrain.

On average, Americans spend six to nine hours each day using computers. To reduce eyestrain, try the 20-20-20 rule. Look away from your computer every 20 minutes at a distant object 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. For those who use computers at work, take several five-minute “mini-breaks” throughout the day. 

Save Your Sight Tip #6 – Adjust indoor air quality to prevent eye irritation.

If you’ve been experiencing dry eye, it might be your indoor air quality. Maintain appropriate humidity indoors and use a high-quality air filter. Make sure the air vents aren’t blowing directly at you; this can also create dry eye symptoms.

Just a few small changes can mean the difference in seeing clearly for years to come. At Johnson Optometric, we encourage you to Save Your Sight and put these tips into practice today. Visit us for recommendations on sunglasses and other protective eyewear to suit your lifestyle. We look forward to serving you at either our Fuquay-Varina or Garner location.

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