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Simply “Change” With Transition Lenses

We all see change in different ways. Some change can be annoying, such as having to take off your everyday eyeglasses to put on sunglasses every time you step. Change can also be liberating, such as freeing yourself from always carrying two sets of eyeglasses. In the case of glasses, the solution is simple: Transition Lenses.

Transition Lenses are prescription lenses that adjust their tint based on the amount of UV light exposure. Indoors, transition lenses are completely clear and look the same as traditional lenses. When outdoors, Transition Lenses automatically adapt their tint to account for UV exposure. This does not mean the lenses shift directly from clear to dark as you would experience when putting on sunglasses. Rather, Transition Lenses will adjust within a range, only reacting proportionately to the current level of UV exposure. In bright sunlight, they darken and function as traditional sunglasses might. With lower exposure, the tint level will only be dark enough to protect the eyes from the current environment. For those of us who haven’t found Freedom From Frames with Contacts, Transition Lenses are a nice alternative for “simplifying change”.

Beyond the convenience of only one pair of frames, there are many benefits associated with the proportionate transition to darker lenses. The range of tints offered by a single pair of lenses allows you to see better in any light – not just in the sun.  As fall draws near and days get shorter, we do more commuting at daybreak and dusk. For those who need glasses for driving, you are familiar with second-guessing how dark it is and then fumbling between glasses and sunglasses while trying to keep your eyes on the road. Others find themselves just tolerating the light, squinting to avoid the sun or to see poorly lit signs. While low- to mid-level lighting seems innocuous, its impact on your vision, wrinkles around the eye, headaches, and eye fatigue can be significant.

Switching to Transition Lenses has many benefits to positively change your lifestyle:

  • Convenience and increased flexibility – We could all use one less thing to remember as we walk out the door and one less item to carry.
  • Lower cost – while Transition Lenses carry a slightly higher cost than traditional lenses, you save the cost of a secondary pair of prescription sunglasses.
  • More thorough eye protection – 100% protection from damaging UV rays in any light
  • Reduced eye strain – a seamless transition from light to dark and vice versa means less squinting regardless of which way the lenses are transitioning

Talk with your eye doctor today about switching to Transition Lenses. These lenses are available to fit with most frame styles and sizes, and are an excellent choice for most prescriptions. As with traditional lenses, there are a variety of options for customizing the look, feel and weight of your new glasses with Transition Lenses. Change can be very good when you are mindful of the Transition.

Dr. Barrett Martin

Eye Doctor Serving Fuquay-Varina and Garner, NC

Johnson Optometric Associates

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